Privacy Policy

Who is the personal data administrator?
  The processed data are administered by K2 Group Sp. z o.o., with business seat in Łódź (90-319 Łódź, ul. Wigury 21).
  You can contact the administrator under the following e-mail address:

Purpose and legal basis for processing of personal data.
  Personal data are processed in purposes related to execution and sales of our services and direct marketing of administrator’s products and services. The legal basis for processing of personal data is article 6 section 1 item a, b and article 6 section 1 item f of GDPR. Marketing of own services is a legally justified interest of the administrator.
  Personal data of the users, provided in communication (including electronic communication) with the administrator, are used solely to provide answer to the user and for marketing purposes, consisting in promotion of the administrator and its services.

What personal data are we collecting?
We can collect the following personal data, on condition we notify the respective users and/or obtain their consent in the applicable cases:
  Contact data, i.e. information allowing to identify and contact the user. Such information include full name, e-mail address, telephone number,
  Additional information, i.e. information you provide in order to use our services or learn about our products and services, such as real estate purchase/sale/rental/lease preferences.
  General information, i.e. information generated during the usage of our products and services.

How can we come into possession of your personal data?
We receive personal data through the following forms available on our website:
  Form for contact related to real estate offers,
  Form for contact with the administrator.

Data provided to us with use of registration forms are processed for purposes related to:
  Obtaining marketing and commercial consents,
  Execution of an agreement or performance of pre-agreement activities,
  Responding to a question posed by the user,
  Presenting the user with an offer he/she requested,
  Sending an offer to the user.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all personal data provided to us. Provision of data is always voluntary, but also necessary in order to proceed with the action supported by the specific form.

How long do we keep your personal data?
We retain your data as long as it is necessary for justified business or legal purposes. After this time the data shall be securely deleted. If you seek to delete any information that pertain to you, please contact us under the following e-mail address:

How do we use the data?
We handle the personal data in compliance with the relevant legal regulations and we can use it in the following manners:
  We can use the personal data you have provided, related to tenants or other natural persons, in order to perform the assigned tasks, such as lease management on your behalf.
  We can use the contact data you have provided in order to respond to your requests and inquiries.
  We can use the documents confirming your identity in order to comply with legal obligation to check your identity, being the condition of provision of services or products by K2 Group.
  If a respective consent is given, we use the personal data to distribute the marketing information and advertising materials about the services of K2 Group; you can resign from such information at any time under the following address:

Who do we provide your personal data to?
Your personal data will be provided to:
  Employees of K2 Group, if it is necessary for the execution of their professional tasks
  Each person, in regard to which you have agreed for provision of personal data
  „Galactica” Spółka Jawna Raatz i Wspólnicy, with its business seat at ul. Fordońska 189, 85- 739 Bydgoszcz, NIP no. 5542637995, REGON no. 340042630, KRS no. 0000235648 in purposes related to operation of CRM system.

Control over provided personal data.
According to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Telecommunications Law Act, you are entitled to:
  Access and/or correct the contents of the data,
  Delete the data or restrain their processing,
  Transfer the data,
  Introduce an objection, request the ceasing of data processing and transferring,
  Revoke the consent at any time,
  Submit a complaint to a supervisory body (i.e.: the President of Personal Data Protection Authority) in case when the processing of personal data by our company infringes the general provisions of the personal data protection regulation of 27 April 2016.

In order to execute the above rights, to express or revoke consents, and to introduce objections described above, you can visit the business seat of K2 Group Sp. z o.o. in Łódź, at ul. Wigury 21 or to use the following communication channels:
   e-mail address:,
  traditional mail: 91-070 Łódź, ul. Wigury 21
  telephone: +48 512-511-000.

How can you file a complaint?
If you want to file a complaint related to the manner of processing of the personal data, please contact us directly under: If you are not be satisfied with how your complaint had been settled, please contact the office of the General Personal Data Protection Authority through their website:


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