Rental management

Lease management is a service addressed to flat, apartment or residence owners, who seek to rent their real estate in a secure and trouble-free manner.

     Our proposal includes comprehensive financial, inspection and technical services during the entire lease period. The K2 Group team shall take over all duties resulting from the lease transfer, which gives you more time, peace and comfort. We take care of the real estate and the lessee to minimize the risk related to unforeseen circumstances. Lease management offered by K2 Group is also a guarantee of a higher ratio of continued lease contracts, and therefore – continued profits.

We will:

  •     Conclude the lease contract and provide legal support related to the transfer,
  •     Release the real estate to the lessee and prepare the handover protocol,
  •     Perform monthly billing of lessee’s payments,
  •     Periodically inspect the technical condition and cleanliness of the real estate,
  •     Organize repair process in case of damage/failures,
  •     Present the real estate to new prospective lessees in the last month of the lease contract,
  •     Accept the real estate returned by the lessee with settlement of all payments,
  •     Perform the preliminary debt retrieval activities.

Make an investment in your free time and choose K2 Group to look after your real estate. You will enjoy the comfort of having your real estate managed by a team of specialists.  

Contact the K2 Group expert team:  

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