Our team

Marcin Kapuściński

„You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert Einstein

Mobile: +48 512 511 206
E-mail: marcin.kapuscinski@nk2.com.pl


Marcin is the head of K2 Group. He holds the Statutory License in Real Estate Agency no. 6572. He is related to the real estate market since 1990s – and he started work in Łódź area in 2010. A visionary and an optimist, he always fights until the end – the final victory. He is a local patriot and sees a great potential in Łódź. Marcin truly cares about the growth of the city and wants to have his share in attracting and supporting new investors. He is open to ideas, appreciates professionalism, individualism and commitment, and believes another human being is the greatest value. Marcin’s experience is extensive – with a few hundred completed transactions under his belt, he is a great negotiator and an expert in transactions with complex legal status. He was successful in handling hotel real estate sales transfers in Lower Silesia and used to manage sales of large development investments. Marcin is progress-oriented and applies care even to the tiniest details, striving to perfection. His dream is to build a strong K2 Group brand, focusing both on business investors and private customers, and based on the highest operating standards.

Sebastian Maraszek

„To have great achievements, you need great objectives first.”

Marcin Bielicki

Mobile: +48 518 414 113
E-mail: sebastian.maraszek@nk2.com.pl


Sebastian is the deputy director of K2 Group. As an expert in marketing and management, he has excellent sales performance. He graduated from the Faculty of Management of the University of Łódź. Since 2012 he is enjoying continued significant success in the real estate market. Sebastian specializes in lease transfers and sales of high standard apartments and houses. A tough negotiator, he always acts quickly, accurately and in a decisive manner. He approaches the needs of his Customers with greatest care. Sebastian speaks fluent English.

Claudia Aleksandrowicz

„Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Mobile: +48 519 513 190
E-mail: claudia.aleksandrowicz@nk2.com.pl


Claudia works for K2 Group since 2015. At the beginning she focused on lease management and coordinated the office work. She was simultaneously studying law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Łódź and developed her knowledge and practical qualifications in scope of residential flat lease transfers. At the moment Claudia is performing lease transactions on her own and boasts a great sales record.

Angelika Chrostek

„We grow by challenging ourselves."

Beth Fantaskey

Mobile: +48 512 511 205
E-mail: info@nk2.com.pl


Angelika graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Łódź. Within K2 Group she is coordinating the office work and management of leased apartments. In work, she shows meticulousness and excellent organization of time. She is focused on a professional and individual approach to each case.


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